Lili and Loulou beyond difference

Presentation of our atypical duo :
She is a specialized educator student of 23 years, he an incomplete quadriplegic computer scientist of 45 years the handicap brought them together for a major project. Being in a team of the Paris North Cap photo rally 2015

They have been preparing this rally since 2010.

The year they met, Amélie was a student and wanted to discover new horizons, Gilles was open-minded and adventurous with a real desire for freedom, autonomy and sharing.

Through technology, the net allowed them to communicate and unite two universes, two beings who surely would not have crossed at random of an encounter.

Amelie was 18 and decides to share a human adventure with Gilles. She took the measure and the stakes of such support. We must adapt, learn and always improve, but complicity makes things simple. Gilles is a pedagogue and adapts the care gestures for himself, he guides them through the process .

In 2010, We started by some small summer campings in France with a sleeping van.
Then Switzerland in 2013 and Denmark over three weeks in 2014.

As the summers go by, the organization becomes more refined. We know each other better, the care gestures become a routine, simpler and more precise. We learn to live together.
We share a common interest in reading, photography and a passion for travel.

From this friendly relationship that is setting in, we decide to take a step forward that of a greater adventure : the Paris North Cap photo rally 2015.

For Gilles, the idea is to show that disability is not an obstacle to freedom.
This duo is leading a fight, that of proving to society, to your citizens and actors of our project, that disability must not be synonymous with exclusion.
We want to prove that it is possible to act, to be an actor in one’s own life.

Amélie believes that difference must be a strength and not a division for our society, which is still too discriminatory and individualistic.

For her this experience is a moment of life that is gripping and enriching. A life lesson that allows to take the measure and the meaning of life.

Giving up or fighting are the key words she will remember from the start.

This project requires us to have confidence in ourselves, in our capabilities and in our organization.

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