Return to Norway and Sweden without nets with Nao

Return to Norway and Sweden alone (without rally assistance) with an unknown psychology student very motivated for a 23-day ROAD trip through these two beautiful countries.
Considering the latest trip experiments we took the two electric wheelchairs to ensure the possible breakdown of one of them...
The main wheelchair will prove us right from the 2nd day... unlikely event a rear wheel fork breaks.
The pace of the trip is slower than the photo rally rhythm in 2015. We took time to observe the architecture, make late outings, drink some alcohol, make openings, concert nights and karaoke.
I discovered that wood construction is much more present than I thought at my first visit in 2015, light color near the slopes and dark color on the mountains for woods homes
Nice ride with a cook at the top thanks Captain Nao

Photos truck trial Cadaquès Rosas

Photos from Montpellier to Goteborg

Photos from Goteborg to Stavenger

Photos from Stavenger to Aurland

Photos from Aurland to Lillehammer

Photos from Lillehammer to Oslo

Photos from Oslo to Montpellier