A disability becomes what the person does

A disability becomes what the person does of it.
Even if our mobility may be limited, solutions exist ; our society allows this to be exceeded. I chose to demonstrate that it is possible to carry out actions, displacements, projects while being in an electric chair with a high quadriplegia..

My actions :

To promote my autonomy : freedom has no price ! getting to move alone for me was a first challenge ! It is done I drive my own car, equipped for my type of handicap and even more, like a camper van to promote my autonomy in travel.

This success has transformed my life opening up a "field of possibilities" that I never imagined since the beginning of my handicap.

My participation at Paris North Cap Photo RALLY 2015 was an unforgettable experience.

I am sharing my experience to show that with a good organization one can travel far even with a heavy handicap like mine and a limited budget !

My thirst for travels and discoveries continues every year to different countries with young girls who trust in me. In cumulation over 16 years I spent, at the time of today, more than a year in the truck with my different teammates...